Survey and Mapping

We provide mining and earthwork operators with useful insights of site status, such as up-to-date 3D models with instant volumetric estimations of aggregates and stockpiles to enable faster decision making. Using a photogrammetric process, the drone captures a series of geo-tagged images (GPS longitude/latitude + height EXIF info) to create survey-grade topographical maps and 3D models in a matter of days.

Actionable data:

  • Asset management remotely
  • Reduce end-of-quarter Discrepancies
  • Manage Materials and Equipment
  • Inventory reports
  • Monitor progress
  • Update engineering plans
  • Volumetric calculation of every stockpile on site from a single flight

Armed with reliable topographical data, up-to-date elevation maps and 3D models of the site, operators can now accurately perform volumetric calculations, create inventory reports, monitor progress or update engineering plans all in-house.

In the ongoing pursuit of optimizing efficiency and minimizing unnecessary costs and losses, our services offer a solution for both. Regain control of your site development with actionable data delivered faster, cheaper and more accurate.


  • Terrain Mapping (GIS)
  • Volumetric Calculations (Stockpile/Aggregate management)
  • Inventory Management
  • Progress Monitoring
  • Mine and Haul Road Planning
  • Earthwork Project Management