The applications for unmanned aerial systems are increasing at an exponential rate, with new research and applications being discovered every week. Originally seen as an effective replacement for traditional aircraft, we are now entering an era where UAV systems are disrupting sectors in which human personnel are normally used. As unmanned solutions are progressively supporting or simply replacing the human factor, UAV’s are reducing costs and the risk to HSE whilst improving work efficiency.

Work above ground often involves high costs in maintaining compliancy to Health & Safety, as well as costs related to mobilization and travel to remote industrial areas in order to collect the necessary data. Non-Productive Time has been identified through market research as the rising issue within industries today, where cost-reduction measures are of highest priority.

Astralution provides a range of different UAS platforms with customizable payloads to help industry clients in various sectors ensure HSE compliance and save operational costs.

Technical  Inspection

Crisis Management

Survey and Mapping

Surveillance and Monitoring

Purpose-Built Drones

Precision Agriculture