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who we are

about us

Astralution is an innovative technology, consulting & training company. The company was established in 2015 with the ambition to bring revolutionizing technology to the front lines of the industry.

In the end of 2021, we became partners with Aerodyne, the global leading 3DTcompany. 3DT= drone technology, data technology & digital transformation. Astralution represent Aerodyne in Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Iceland.


We need to innovate for a better tomorrow

Innovation lies at the core of Astralution, and we strive to implement the latest in technology into new solutions to solve relevant challenges today and contribute to meet UN´s Sustainable Development Goals by implementing Sustainable technology. Having identified key areas in several large industries that can significantly improve using unmanned technology and Mixed reality, we are actively pursuing new solutions and applications.


what we do

Today, technology allows unique opportunities for data capture, by bringing state-of-the-art equipment into previously inaccessible areas. By streamlining the process from collection to delivery, we aim to offer fast, actionable data to our clients in various industries.

The combination of disruptive technologies with innovative software yield new systems that allow better decision making, improved safety and QA compliance and efficiency whilst reducing operational downtime.

our services


  • cloud-based assest
  • management solution
  • remote sensing technologies
  • 5g technology
  • mixed reality

drone-based Technical inspection

  • Photogrammetry
  • Orthomosaic
  • thermal
  • lidar
  • ndvi
  • 3d models
  • digital twins

consultancy and training

  • AR/VR/MR simulation & training
  • Drone pilot and operational training
  • Crisis Management
  • Risk based thinking
  • ISO -Management System

our vision

Our vision has always been to implement the most exciting and innovative technologies to the industry for improving workflow, efficiency and safety.

We aim to establish a position as market leaders in unmanned aerial technology and visual communications solutions, and to provide state-of-the-art inspection services and training.

our core values

about us


Safety is our number one priority.
A focus on quality & risk-based thinking:

Our operations are rooted in a strong risk-based system and culture Rigorous pre-planning with all parties involved incl. simulation.

Our clients are empowered with selective thermal and visual HD data, collected from our drones and Mixed reality headsets with millimeter accuracy and consolidated using AI-powered analytics sophisticated software to get a detailed overview of the structural integrity of an asset. From the accuracy of the acquired data to selective delivery of mission-critical information presented to the relevant decision makers.

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