The Company

The company was established in 2015 with the ambition to bring revolutionizing technology to the front lines of the industry.

Having spent many years in the offshore oil and gas industry, the founders of Astralution recognized the huge benefits of replacing traditional approaches with unmanned technology to not only save costs, but to improve safety and efficiency.

Astralution are now teaming up with leading experts in unmanned aerial technology to develop tailored solutions for a variety of segments: Inspection, emergency preparedness and crisis management, surveillance and monitoring, survey and mapping work, and agriculture.

The Team

Nina Bokn Solheim

Founder and CEO

Huw Scott


Tor Anders Larsen


Magne Bjellebø

HSE Manager

Øyvind Ingemundsen

GIS Processing and Mapping


Our vision has always been to implement the most exciting and innovative technologies to the industry for improving workflow, efficiency and safety. We aim to establish a position as market leaders in unmanned aerial technology and visual communications solutions, and to provide state-of-the-art inspection services for on- and offshore oil & gas industry.

Our Core Values:
1.Safety and Reliability
2.Cost Savings for Our Clients
3.Building Strong Partnerships Through Trust

The Mission

Building on an extensive background in aviation and crisis management in oil & gas, Astralution strives to offer long-term value to our clients by providing tailored UAV solutions for a range of industries. The combination of disruptive technologies with innovative software yields new systems that allow better decision making, improved safety and efficiency whilst reducing operational downtime.

Astralution aims to provide streamlined visual communications solutions with purpose-built systems that improve efficiency at every stage, from the accuracy of the acquired data to selective delivery of mission-critical information to the relevant decision makers.

Today, drone technology allows unique opportunities for data gathering, by bringing state-of-the-art equipment, such as FLIR or HD cameras, to previously inaccessible areas. By streamlining the process from collection to delivery, we aim to offer fast, effective and actionable data to our clients in various industries without compromising accuracy or reliability.