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European Satellite Navigation Competiton 2015

Skjermbilde 2015

The newly established company Astralution has engaged themselves in the interesting market of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) and Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPSAS). In my opinion the timing is correct to explore the opportunities for such technologies in the oil- and gas sector. Until now we have only seen the very first few examples of a vast variety of possible areas where UAS/RPSAS technology can be applied for cost effective solutions.

Svein Olav Drangeid | HSSE Manager, OMV (Norge) AS

UAS Norway mener at de nærstående forskriftene for ubemannet luftfart som blir forelagt ultimo 2015 er av like stor eller større betydning for fremtidens nasjonale industri som publiseringen av petroleumsforskriften var for Norge i begynnelsen av sekstitallet. Vi ser med stor optimisme på en samlet sterk luftfartsindustri i Norge i tiden fremover

Dan Richard Isdahl-Engh | President, UAS Norway

The Impact X

The world's first IECEx and ATEX certified Android Smartphone. The Impact X- A new tool within hazardous areas. The Impact X has all the functionality as a regular smartphone.